Introducing the
Infinity 26 Touch

Here at the Rinnai Institute of Comfort we're passionate about seeking smart new ways to improve your comfort throughout the home, from the bathroom, to the living room, to the bedroom. With heating, cooling and hot water, whatever it takes to make your life more relaxed and comfortable. Right now we've just completed tests on our newest innovation, the Rinnai Infinity 26 Touch, continuous flow hot water with wireless remote temperature control. Join us as we explore our newest touch of genius.

Easy to install

With the Infinity 26 Touch, our wonderful engineers have ensured it's as easy to install as any other regular continuous flow unit, because the wireless controller componentry is supplied with the unit.

Regular System

  • Controllers must be
    purchased separately
  • Requires wires to be run for
    controller install
  • Extra install time and cost

Rinnai Infinity 26 Touch

  • No additional wiring for controllers
  • No structural work
  • No exposed wires in the home
  • No additional components
    to purchase

Safe than sorry

Did you know the bathroom is one of the most hazardous rooms in the house for a baby or child? Rinnai's ingenious wireless remote temperature control will take a great deal of your worry away...

  • Fact 1

    Burns and scalds are a major cause of serious injury in children from newborn to
    14 years old

  • Fact 2

    A child can be severely scalded in under a second when the water temperature is too hot.

  • Fact 3

    The recommended temperature for very young children is 37–38°C

  • Fact 4

    8 out of 10 hot tap water scalds in children under 5 years (and 7 out of 10 for all patients) happen in the bathroom

  • Fact 5

    With wireless remote you are in complete control, giving you the flexibility to set the precise temperature for your kids and warmer for yourself, with every shower or
    bath you have

The inside story on reliability

When doing your homework for a replacement hot water unit, there's a good chance you'll be told that all continuous flow systems are the same. But, they're not.

Some Competitor Units

  • Thermoplastic flow valves may
    deteriorate over time at high temperatures
  • Poorly engineered circuitry and cluttered internal wiring
  • Plastic fans can be more vulnerable to failure and wearing with long-term use, than metal fans

Rinnai Infinity 26 Touch

  • Flow valves made from highly
    machined, long-lasting brass
  • Compact and neat internal engineering.
    Leaders in circuitry design and technology
  • Solid metal fan for
    long-lasting operation
  • Industry leading heat
    warranty (12 years)

You're in
complete control

It's only when you experience the convenience and ingenuity of wireless remote temperature control that you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. Imagine consistent, continuous hot water, at the precise temperature you enjoy,
at a touch.

Electric tank

  • Temperatures can fluctuate when
    multiple water outlets in use
  • Hot water in a storage tank will eventually
    run out and go cold on you
    with continued use
  • Clumsy tap adjustment means imprecise
    hot water delivery temperature

Rinnai Infinity 26 Touch

  • Constant temperature delivered
    throughout use
  • Hot water that never runs out
  • Instant, precise temperature setting
    via wireless remote
  • Water resistant remote control unit
    sits in its own bracket within easy reach

Old Technology vs.
New Technology

The new Rinnai Infinity 26 Touch brings hot water technology into a new sustainable, energy conscious age. Compact, efficient and clean.

Electric Tanks

  • Heats only the water that's in the tank,
    so when it runs out it runs cold
  • Cumbersome imprecise
    temperature adjustment
  • Large, ugly, taking up metres
    of useable space

Rinnai Infinity 26 Touch

  • Heats water continuously as it flows through
    the system ensuring water
    always runs hot
  • Heats water only when it's needed
  • Precise temperature control through
    wireless remote technology
  • 6.1 Star equivalent energy rating*
  • Compact and space saving design

* Independently calculated using Australian Standard AS4552. AS4552 limits the rating shown on the energy label to 6.0 Stars. Where the calculated rating of Rinnai appliances exceeds 6.0 Stars it is designated as an "equivalent" rating.

Based on source of electricity generation nationally. Prime source of actual electricity generation may vary by state.

Energy bill comfort

The Rinnai Infinity range is already well known for its energy saving over electric storage tanks. The new Infinity 26 Touch turns it up another notch. Here are
the advantages:

Electric Tanks

  • Time and energy wasted mixing hot and cold
    to find the right temperature
  • The higher the temperature setting
    the more energy used

Rinnai Infinity 26 Touch

  • Only runs when you're using it
  • 6.1 Star equivalent energy rating*
  • Remote control setting delivers the
    perfect temperature time after time

* Independently calculated using Australian Standard AS4552. AS4552 limits the rating shown on the energy label to 6.0 Stars. Where the calculated rating of Rinnai appliances exceeds 6.0 Stars it is designated as an "equivalent" rating.


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